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"Oracle Hyperion Planning Automation & Position Control at College of DuPage" Conference Slides

This Performance Architects' presentation discusses how College of DuPage implemented Oracle Hyperion Planning for the purpose of automating aspects of the annual budget, the monthly forecast, the 5 year outlook, and for use as a tool for position control of employees. The goal of the implementation was to successfully utilize Planning to lessen the burden of budgeting/and forecasting on the non-financial managers and the central finance department, allowing employees to focus on their day to day job; instead of spending the majority of their time completing a budget and a monthly forecast. This was accomplished by automating much of the planning process through the use of historical trends, growth factors, and drivers. Additionally, DuPage also utilized Hyperion Planning in a unique way, by capturing new hires and terminations on a daily basis, allowing the finance team to track and manage vacant positions in relation to the annual budget. This session outlines the methods used to create this functionality and explores the associated application design and analytics of their enterprise solution.

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