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"Syracuse University Case Study: Implementing Enrollment Planning Using Oracle Hyperion Planning" Conference Slides

This Performance Architects presentation discusses how Syracuse University demonstrating the use of Oracle Hyperion Planning and Oracle Hyperion Essbase to budget and forecast University Enrollment and Undergraduate Revenue. Through the use of historical data and multi-year averages of current and past undergraduate enrollment, the representative case study has created a five-year long range plan adapted from an all excel model that took more than a week to update each semester and additional days to run thru each scenario. In the new Hyperion Planning model, the process takes a few minutes from data load to an updated long range plan. The challenges faced throughout the process included: retention rates, intra-university transfers, an abroad program, and dual majors and how each of these affected the overall enrollment for each semester and year. We leverage three sources for our scenarios (Budget Office, Enrollment Office and School & College Administration) to gain a clear picture that estimates First-Year and Transfer students for each of the schools. Based on the five year long range enrollment plan, the tuition revenue is allocated to each of the schools.

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