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Understanding Costs and Revenues in Higher Education Webinar Replay

According to a 2012 survey of 1,692 colleges and universities co-sponsored by Bain and Sterling Partners, “60% have weakened financial portfolios that render them vulnerable to collapse, and only 40% are financially sound, with approximately 30% spending more than they can afford.” Most institutions understand overall costs and revenues, but have minimal visibility into costs per degree, course, student or program, and many do not have the facility to implement activity-based costing (ABC), a methodology popular in commercial enterprises. Federal, state and local agencies are starting to require this kind of analysis, and it is critical for institutions to develop this kind of insight for budgeting as well as long-term forecasting. In this Performance Architects webinar replay you will learn about the types of cost and revenue analysis we recommend for institutions; how to execute a successful process and technology change in this area; and to see possible solutions available in this arena.

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