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NEOAUG Spring 2014: Best Practices in Migrating from Older BI to OBIEE

Are you in the process of implementing OBIEE to replace older BI tools? If so, you may be uncovering deficiencies your underlying data structures and the tool itself. Solutions to these data structure (new star schemas and aggregates) and tool deficiencies (upgrades and patches) can be entire projects in themselves. This NEOAUG presentation will discuss how to get around these deficiencies while still keeping momentum in your project and how to best leverage OBIEE as a tool for designing and prototyping new data structures. Objectives: 1. Understand the common barriers when implementing OBIEE 2. Learn techniques to leverage OBIEE as a new data structure design/prototyping tool 3. Learn to leverage out of box OBIEE tools to get around data structure and product deficiencies

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