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Rolling Forward: The Move to Rolling Forecasts Using Oracle EPM (Hyperion) Webinar Slides

In annual budgeting (also known as fiscal year forecasting), an organization’s financial outlook is restricted to the current year. The disadvantages of such an approach arise from the inability to account for factors that are beyond the year end. As a result of this “forecasting to the wall,” an organization may often lose the capability to adapt to changing business dynamics as the year progresses. Moving to a “fixed time window method” that “rolls forward” beyond the current fiscal year (in other words, a rolling forecast) solves this problem. This session describes the benefits of this model using examples from real-life case studies, and how this model may be established using Oracle EPM (Hyperion) Planning (on-premise or software-as-a-service or cloud version) in a way that provides these capabilities in an efficient and automated manner.

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