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How to Migrate Legacy BI Solutions to Oracle BI Cloud Service or OBIEE Webinar Slides

Your legacy Oracle BI solutions such as Hyperion Web Analysis, Hyperion Interactive Reporting (Brio), Hyperion Production Reporting, Oracle Reports, and Discoverer are not the supported direction for Oracle’s BI solutions, based on several Oracle “statements of direction” published from 2012 – 2014. In other words, Oracle will not be doing any new development on these products moving forward, including addressing browser compatibility, fixing bugs, etc. If you’re starting to panic, don’t worry! Oracle has both cloud and on-premise offerings to replace your legacy BI tools. During this session, we examine how upgrades and migrations are the perfect time to not only evaluate the latest and greatest technologies, but also how to review your organization’s BI processes to ensure that your business analytics environment and processes are as effective and efficient as possible. We will review how to “sell” your leadership on why to migrate; when it makes sense to migrate to cloud versus on-premise tools; the difference between a “migration” and an “upgrade;” important items to note as you’re thinking about this major change for your organization; and our recommended methodology and best practices to migrate legacy tools like Web Analysis, Brio, Oracle Reports, Discoverer…or content from another vendor’s BI solution…to both of Oracle's strategic BI tools: OBIEE (on-premise) and BICS (cloud).

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