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Migrating from Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting (IR) to Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) Webinar Recording

Oracle ended Premier Support for Hyperion Interactive Reporting (IR) in April 2015 and recommends that IR customers migrate to Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS). In this webinar, we will discuss how IR customers can prepare for a migration; the differences between IR and BICS; and the process of migrating from IR to BICS. In addition, we are excited to discuss how the enterprise approach to BI architected within BICS lets organizations leverage data as an asset. An enterprise approach to BI involves building the "intelligence" or business rules into shared data models for a business area. This creates a single version of the truth, which then allows for reports and dashboards to be shared and reused across the organization. Rather than the “siloed modeling” and reporting architecture of IR, BICS allows for an enterprise approach to BI while still providing IR’s agility. This approach resolves many of the siloed, BQY-centric limitations of IR, including the inability to leverage the model someone else has created without duplicating the report. In other words, with BICS there is no more replicating work! The benefits do not end there; business users can also use the shared data model and add personal data sets to meet their own reporting needs with the Data Visualization (DV) solution. An enterprise solution with agility...what a great idea.

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