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Alliance 17 Presentation: Returning to FIU: A Year down the Road with PBCS (Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service)

In 2015, FIU became an early adaptor of PBCS (Oracle Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service), and executed a pilot project to key parts of the organization; including auxiliaries such as Parking & Housing, and the FIU College of Business. Their story was shared at the 2015 HEUG Alliance conference. Now it is a year later, and FIU has continued to build on the foundation of their pilot project and enhanced the solution capabilities. While the original solution provided for general revenue & expense budgeting, the enhancements included enrollment drivers, KPI driven budget books, use of customized task lists for planners, and end-to-end nightly automation for providing Pepolesoft actuals into the PBCS solution. In this session you will learn about PBCS, how it can be utilized at a higher education institution, and how a phased approach can be utilized to get the most out of your investment.

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