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Kscope17 Presentation: Diagnosis Close: How Vertex Pharma Uses Planning, Essbase, and OBIEE to Close the Books

Planning isn't just for budgets anymore! Hear how Vertex Pharmaceuticals used Planning, ASO native Essbase Cubes, and OBIEE to assist with revenue accounting and the tracking of adjustments such as fee calculations and revenue recognition in a single place. Utilizing Hyperion Planning, ASO Essbase, and OBIEE, accounting users are able to review invoicing and sales data fed directly from third-party logistics companies located around the world before adjusting revenue dates, inputting fees, and making custom entries – all through Planning. After working through the Revenue Task List, users can initiate data warehouse jobs directly from Planning Task Lists that push data to a reporting application and OBIEE for review across additional dimensions and currencies. This all follows a workflow built using Task Lists that guide users through the revenue accounting process. This entire process supports the final revenue numbers booked directly into EBS and also supports revenue analytics for the entire organization. Hear about an end-to-end solution involving more that just one Oracle EPM and BI product, and hear about a solution that actually integrates them. Hear about how OBIEE can report directly on data found within Planning and Essbase. Hear about a Planning cube with seven dimensions getting transformed into an ASO Essbase application with 16 dimensions – and an OBIEE model with even more columns for reporting. Hear how end users are able to get access to summary revenue numbers and then drill down to the detail if they feel the need. Hear the process by which we made it happen – from stakeholder meetings at the beginning through to our production rollout at the end. Finally, don't just hear it from the consultant but also hear from the customer, as we both share our tips and tricks and what went well.

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