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Visit the Learning Centerâ„¢, our EPM and BI business education community, for access to presentations, webinars, and white papers!


Welcome to the Performance Architects Learning Center™, a community and forum that provides on-demand business education related to the business intelligence and enterprise performance management arenas. The Learning Center™ offers access to pragmatic, real-world advice and feedback from your peers and from our team of experts, all without ever having to leave your office. This content includes functional, technical and industry-specific "How To" sessions, webinars, and white papers developed during our many years of experience working with organizations with similar interests and needs. 

In order to participate in the Learning Center™ community and forum, you will need to register for an account.  It can take one to two business days to approve your application as we manually screen all applicants to make sure that the community and forum are comprised of current or potential customers and partners in the Performance Architects community. 

Questions or comments?  Please send us a note at communications@performancearchitects.com.  Thanks for your interest in the Performance Architects Learning Center™!

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