Boston, MA, United States, August 19th, 2020 – Performance Architects is excited to share that we have developed a higher education grants forecasting accelerator using Oracle EPM Cloud.

For both public and private research universities, grants and contracts represent a sizeable portion of a research institution’s source of funds. These institutions rely on the grants management system to administer and manage "the grants lifecycle" from the pre-award to the post-award phases of the grants. While a good grants management system helps to streamline the management aspect of the grants, this software often falls short on the analytics side, in particular, the financial projections for the grants.  In a typical research institution, the principal investigator (PI) who takes the lead in the technical completion of the grant is also jointly responsible for the fiscal oversight of the grant with the research administration office.  

Using Oracle EPM Cloud, Performance Architects can create a grant and contracts forecasting accelerator to complete the grant lifecycle process. The solution feeds data from a grants management / project portfolio application and an HR application to Oracle EPM Cloud. By including both sources, users (inclusive of principal investigators) have the ability to see project historical spend, projected spend, budgets, and available dollars down to a student level of detail.

For more detailed information about our grants forecasting accelerator, please go here.

From Ken Chen, COO, Performance Architects

“Besides the more common budgeting and forecasting practice which is an essential function of the finance budget office, institutions with research programs largely funded by grants and contracts have a similar need in forecasting and reporting on grants financials. The Performance Architects Grants Forecasting Accelerator using EPM cloud provides analytical dashboards, reporting, and financial projection capabilities for the PIs and research office throughout the grant lifecycle.”


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