Performance Architects deploys business intelligence solutions to help you leverage data to make informed decisions. This data-driven decision making brings multiple benefits to your business and helps you outperform your competition. Our business intelligence implementations include solutions for all users in your organization.


Self-Service Discovery and Analysis

Our solutions help users understand data through the development of visualizations that:

  • Match the appropriate visualization format to the data

  • Provide interactive navigation through visualizations

  • Deliver visualizations in a governed manner

Visual Analytics

We provide an environment where users can perform their own analysis to discover insights and trends is critical. Performance Architects provides this in the following manner:

  • Through a governed metadata layer

  • Using market leading self-service and analysis tools

  • Providing training to jump start adoption of the solutions

Managed Reporting

We develop solutions that provide support for ongoing tier one business intelligence managed reporting needs including:

  • The ability to flexibly schedule and execute managed reporting processes

  • Distribution of results via multiple methods including email, mobile app, and/or portal access

  • Creation of one or more output formats based on end user needs

Embedded Analytics

Our ability to embed analytics in applications used every day allows users to see data at the right time in the right context. Our solutions enable:

  • Analytical views to be incorporated into deployed applications

  • Leverage governance and security to ensure user only has access to data they are permitted to see

  • Initiation of and incorporation of analytical requests from multiple source applications


Focus on Long-Term Client Relationships

We become trusted advisors to our clients with an emphasis on their long-term success. We focus upfront on understanding their unique needs in order to deliver the right solution.

Cloud, On-Premise, and Hybrid Expertise

We have strong expertise with cloud, on-premise, and hybrid solutions for our focus areas. This allows us to support our clients' deployment decisions.

Depth and Breadth of Experience

Helping clients improve their performance through the implementation of analytic solutions is all we do. Our dedicated team of functional and technical experts across our focus areas provides our clients with the right partner for success.

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