The key for a successful analytics solution is a firm foundation for analysis. Without this, even the most effective analytical tools will struggle. Performance Architects provides expertise to design, develop, and deploy solutions to give you access to the right data in the right format using the right deployment approach - cloud, on-premise, or hybrid.


Data Warehouses

Data warehouses provide the foundation for the data to be sourced. Performance Architects uses an iterative approach to load and consolidate data by:

  • Loading initial and ongoing summary and detail data from various source applications

  • Incorporating best practices for data governance

  • Being the one-stop source for data

Data Lakes

Data lakes provide the ability to move large volumes of data into low-cost storage. We help you develop this by:

  • Identifying the best approach for sourcing and loading the data

  • Developing the initial and ongoing load processes

Data Marts

Performance Architects builds data marts to support specific users’ needs for unique subject areas that:

  • Are modeled to be easy to access and perform well

  • Eliminate the need for users to incorporate business rules into their analytics

  • Can be defined via metadata to ensure they are used consistently

Master Data Management

Managing master data allows you to make sure applications and analytical solutions have consistent master data across solutions. Performance Architects helps you do this by:

  • Defining master source records 

  • Building processes to update subscribing applications

  • Developing and incorporating hierarchies into performance management solutions

ETL / ELT / Streaming

Loading data into various targets requires expertise to define the optimal approach. Performance Architects leverages our breadth of experience using multiple approaches to:

  • Perform initial and ongoing load processes

  • Executing the transformation processes at the correct location

  • Incorporating business rules where required in order to provide consistency in the data

  • Governing the overall load and transformation processes

  • Creating data pipelines to stream data in real time


Focus on Long-Term Client Relationships

We become trusted advisors to our clients with an emphasis on their long-term success. We focus upfront on understanding their unique needs in order to deliver the right solution.

Cloud, On-Premise, and Hybrid Expertise

We have strong expertise with cloud, on-premise, and hybrid solutions for our focus areas. This allows us to support our clients' deployment decisions.

Depth and Breadth of Experience

Helping clients improve their performance through the implementation of analytic solutions is all we do. Our dedicated team of functional and technical experts across our focus areas provides our clients with the right partner for success.

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