A Handy Drill-Through Trick Using Oracle Smart View

The drill-through capability in Oracle EPM (Hyperion) helps planners check detailed information in general ledger (GL) accounts. However, when using drill-through in MS Excel via Oracle Smart View for Office, it opens a staging table in a web browser window. Planners may need to download this table and convert it into an Excel worksheet to do more analysis. If the table can open as an Excel worksheet directly, that makes the planning process much easier.

The good news is that the latest Smart View version (Version and above) comes with one new useful functionality: the drill-through launch option. When connected to an EPM service and using data management to load data for drill-through reports, we can now launch the reports into Excel directly.

Currently, the supported Oracle EPM products for this function are:

Let’s take look at a real example. As we know in data management, if we select the “Creating Drill-through Region” function, the data loaded from data management will have a green border, which tells us that this data can be drilled back to a source.

You can either hover over the cursor to click “Drill-through,” or right-click the cell to select “Drill-through.”

This will bring us to the data management staging table.

Starting from this new Smart View patch, we can specify the launch preference using the “Drill-Through Launch” option, located in the “Options” dialog, “Advanced” tab.

There are three drill-through launch preferences:

  • “In Web Browser”

  • “In New Sheet”

  • “Prompt Me to Choose Target”

The “Web Browser” option is what we have been using by default. If the “In New Sheet” option gets selected, the current workbook will create a new sheet when the “Drill-through” function is processed. Instead of going to a staging table and downloading the data to Excel, this drill-through “In New Sheet” function comes in very handy.

We can also select the “Prompt Me to Choose Target” option.

This time, when you process the drill-through capability, a new window will be appear, prompting us to select either “Open as a web browser” or “Open as new sheet.”

As you can see, there are a quite a few different options to process a drill-through function in Oracle Smart View and view the results. What are some other ways that you use this function in Oracle Smart View? Let us know in the comments below, or please feel free to email us here if you are interested in learning more!

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