AFP FinNext 2019 Preview: ”Robotic Process Automation for Finance: Bigger Than Blockchain?" Podcast

Curious about what’s going on at Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) FinNext 2019 from Sunday, March 17th through Tuesday, March 19th in Las Vegas?  Listen to this podcast I recorded with AFP on “Robotic Process Automation for Finance: Bigger Than Blockchain,” where we discuss the impact of robotic process automation on the financial planning and analysis (FP&A) function, to get a taste of the content at the event.

FinNext is an intense learning and sharing event that works with both practitioners and service providers to generate innovative thinking, to refine practical skills and to apply new technology to keep you on the leading edge of FP&A.  I’m presenting on, “BuzzWord Breakdown – Blockchain, Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning, A.I.,” which I recently discussed on the Performance Architects blog.

It would be great to catch up in person at the conference!  If you’re attending, we’ll get in touch to plan something if you leave a comment below or send us a note at

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