Comparing Oracle Profitability and Cost Management vs. Oracle Planning

Both Oracle Profitability and Cost Management (PCM) and Oracle Planning fall under the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) umbrella. Let’s take a look at how these two solutions compare to each other, and when you should consider using one over the other.

PCM Overview

Oracle’s Profitability and Cost Management (PCM) solution is a cloud-based platform which focuses on analyzing an organization’s profitability by helping uncover hidden profits and costs across key business dimensions. Some key features of PCM are:

  1. Point and click interface makes it easy for business users with no coding experience to create simple to complex allocation rules

  2. Rule balancing screen to track allocations which creates a transparent calculation/allocation process

  3. Pre-built dashboards for analysis of complex business processes

  4. Driver based “What-if” analysis

  5. Scalable to many different levels of detail

PCM will be most beneficial to organizations who want their business users to take control of allocation-based business processes in order to eliminate over-reliance on IT departments and better understand/analyze profits and costs

Planning Overview

Similar to PCM, Planning is a cloud-based platform which provides business planners and analysts with a flexible and intuitive interface to perform planning and reporting duties and help to increase productivity which allows analysts to spend less time setting up spread sheets and more time analyzing data. Some key features of Planning include:

  1. Planning, Forecasting, Scenario Modeling and Long-Range Forecasting capabilities

  2. Custom, Free Form or Module based applications (Integrated financial, workforce, project and capital planning)

  3. Powerful and flexible input templates (Forms and SmartView)

  4. Supports Groovy business rules for complex, custom calculations

  5. Scalable to many different levels of detail

Planning is designed to help streamline the planning and budgeting process for business planners and analysts. This solution will be most beneficial for organizations who wish to increase accuracy and efficiency in their planning and budgeting process.


Figure 1 – Comparison between PCM and Planning

We hope you enjoyed this blog! If you are interested about how either of these solutions might fit into your organization, we invite you to reach out here if you would like to learn more or have any questions!

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