How to Configure Crawl and How to Use BI Ask in Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)

In Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), you may want to perform impromptu visualizations without first building a project, or maybe you just want take a look at any visualization for a given number of columns. To achieve this, you can use the “BI Ask” functionality.

To ensure that the most recent information is available, and also to speed up search, content must be indexed and crawled. In this blog, I demonstrate how to configure this crawl capability, and how to use BI Ask.  This configuration is performed by an administrator, who decides which data sets and/or subject areas should be indexed and crawled.

Configure and Monitor Search Indexing

In OAC, under the “Home” menu, click “Console:”

Navigate to the “Search Index” tab:

Next, select whether you want to crawl/index the data model or the catalog objects. Check either the “Enable Data Model Crawl” or “Enable Catalog Crawl” checkbox to setup a full crawl depending on which one you choose to crawl.

Then, select the desired language. Schedule the time and date, and how often you would like to run the crawl. The default values for frequency are once a day.

Finally, select the folders you would like to index. Notice that in the “Data Model” pane there is an option to “Index Metadata” only.  Note: in the “Catalog” pane, the subfolder will inherit the main folder crawl status.

Next, hit “Save:”

Click “Monitor Crawls” to launch the “Crawl Job Status” pane and view the log details.

On this page, you can view when a crawl is scheduled to run job status or cancel a scheduled crawl.  You also have the option to control which crawl types are to be displayed in the log:

Note: Anytime you want to temporarily suspend indexing, deselect “Enable Data Model Crawl” and “Enable Catalog Crawl.”

Certify the Data Set

An administrator should first certify the dataset in order for different users to query it using BI Ask.

In “Console,” navigate to the “Data Sets” tab.

Click the options dropdown on the desired data set and select “Inspect.”

On the “General” tab, select “Certify:”

Now the users can search on this dataset in BI Ask.

Using BI Ask

On the OAC homepage, enter search criteria in the search box:

The search results appear in the form of visualizations or projects created from the indexed data sets:

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