How to Connect to an Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Environment from the Oracle Administration Tool

A new feature available in the latest release of the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) Administration Tool (Version 12.2.2) is the ability to connect to the deployed RPD in a running Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) environment.  This is similar to the ability in on-premises OBIEE implementations to use the Administration Tool to connect in online mode to the RPD on the BI Server.

To get started, click here to download the current version of the OAC Developer Client Tools.

Once you have installed the Developer Client Tools, open the Administration Tool:

In the latest version of the Administration tool, to the right of the “Open in Online Mode” icon, there is a new red icon that allows the user to “Open in the Cloud:”

Once the user has selected the “Open in the Cloud” icon, the solution will then prompt for the credentials and login information to connect to an OAC environment:

Supply the following information to connect to the OAC environment:

  1. User: Must be logged in via an administrator account to access the OAC environment

  2. Password: The password for the administrator account

  3. Cloud: This is the Service Name of your VM that your environment runs on (default value is “bootstrap”)

  4. Host name: This is the IP address of the OAC environment

  5. Port: This is the port number that is associated with the analytics URL (default port is 9704)

  6. When configuring the port, you must go to the access rules of your analytics environment and create a rule to allow the Administration Tool to connect:

*Note: If the environment does not use SSL, then uncheck the SSL box to allow the user to sign in.

If successful, the user should be able to see the current RPD data model file that exists in the OAC environment:

The user then can save a local copy of the RPD file to their computer by clicking the “File” button in the top left corner and selecting “Copy-As.” This allows the user to define the location of where they want the file to be saved on their computer and can later be opened in offline mode to reference.

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