How to Fix the Oracle EPM (Hyperion) Components Disabled in the On-Premises Maintenance Ins

Oracle EPM (Hyperion) components Web Analysis and Interactive Reporting are not available for download as part of the EPM install files from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (commonly called the “e-delivery”) site. You probably know this, and don’t think it’s an issue as long as the two components are not going to be used in your EPM environment. However, it is an issue when you try to upgrade from to with Web Analysis and Interactive Reporting installed.

During the installation, when you select the products to be installed and click “Next,” an error window pops up with following message, “There are existent components that are disabled for maintenance install. Please, review the reasons why the components are disabled, resolve issues and retry maintenance install.”

Certain EPM components are installed and configured as part of the install, but are not available as part of the installation, and cause this issue. Web Analysis and Interactive Reporting are two such components which are not included with EPM install files.

The solution is to update the “oracle.products” file under “…/Middleware/EPMSystem11R1/directory” and remove entries for Web Analysis and Interactive Reporting. Note that “oracle.products” is a hidden file and can be edited using the “” command in Linux or a text editor like Notepad in Windows. Then remove the following lines from the file and save the file on exit:

Once the “oracle.products” file has been updated to remove entries for Web Analysis and Interactive Reporting, relaunch the EPM installer. This time your installation should go through without a problem!

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