How to Open Ports and to Move and Edit RPDs in the Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)

In my last blog post on Oracle Analytics Cloud, we successfully completed the standard configuration of OAC services. These setup activities allowed us to login to, start and stop, and to create content in the services. In this post, we will configure OAC to open ports for external access, to perform online RPD edits, and to “lift and shift” an offline RPD to the OAC environment.

Opening the Ports and Online RPD Access

Due to security considerations in the cloud, most of the ports in OAC are not accessible externally. For example, access to the WebLogic console and EM is blocked. Also, you cannot access the OAC RPD in online mode directly after installation.  In order to do this, ports need to be enabled on the OAC service using the “Access Rules” interface.

First, the access rule should be set up to open an RPD in online mode and then to create the DSN.

  1. Open the “Access Rule” dialog using the right menu option for the BI service in the service console.

  1. This opens the list of access rules available for this service.

  1. Create a new access rule using the “Create Rule” option. Specify the parameters needed for online mode connectivity (you can also choose to use a specific IP address as a source instead of PUBLIC-INTERNET.”

  1. After few seconds, this access rule is visible in the “Access Rule” list and is categorized as “USER” as it is a custom rule.

Once the OAC access rule is created, the next step to enable connectivity from the “OBIEE Admin Tool” is the DSN setup.  This is done in the same manner as an on-premise OBIEE installation to access the online RPD.

Create an “ODBC System DSN” using the drivers that come with the OBIEE admin tool installation. Note that the admin tool version to access a cloud RPD is Version

Provide the DSN name and the IP address of the BI service in the “Server” section. Click “Next.”

Provide the “admin userid” and password. The BI server port in this case is 9508 (the same as the access rule) and click “Connect” to test the connectivity.

On successful connection, you should see the databases defined in the current RPD.

You can now use this DSN to open the RPD in online mode using the OBIEE admin tool.  Make any changes, perform a consistency check and save the RPD back into the OAC environment.

How to Lift and Shift an RPD to OAC

The “Access Rule” setup is only for accessing the RPD in online mode. This is not needed to upload an offline RPD to the cloud. Once the offline RPD changes are completed, we can lift and shift the RPD to the cloud using the “Console” link on the OAC “Data Visualization” home page.