How to Use the “Start and Stop” Capabilities in Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Version 105.2.0-312

Oracle recently added functionality to the Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) solution to allow administrators to start and stop individual Oracle-managed OAC instances.  This is a feature that has been highly anticipated for customers who purchased universal credits to allocate to their analytics environments.  In this blog post, I outline how to use these capabilities, and highlight a few “gotchas” when using this functionality in the current OAC version.

In a typical OAC environment, there may be multiple development, testing, production staging, and production instances. Typically, only the production instance requires 24x7x365 availability, so the ability to start and stop the other instances allows for a more cost-effective use of universal credits.

The start/stop functionality is available in OAC Version 105.2.0-312 released in mid-May 2019. It is available for new OAC instances, and with a patch for existing instances. With the move to Gen 2 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), existing instances seem to get this update automatically.

This start/stop feature turns on and off access to the instance. The start is almost instantaneous, so you need not wait to access the service once it is started. This indicates that the “stop” is really a “pause” and, for that reason, there is no restart option.

Since it is a pause, even while the service is in “stopped” mode, you will continue to be charged a small usage amount at a fixed rate. You can monitor the spend in the Service Console.

As you can see here, even though the BI Enterprise Instance is in a “Service Stopped” state, we were still billed a fixed amount every hour based on the OCPU count. So, the “paused” billing amount equals 0.15 * OCPU-hours * OCPU count, and the usage billing amount is based on the OCPU count of the instance.

This paused billing rate calculation applies to an OAC Essbase Instance as well.

For instance, here is a spending graph of one of the Enterprise BI 1-OCPU instances:

Presently, stopping and starting the OAC instances is a manual process with no scheduling or automation capability.

Need help determining how to provision your instances to make the best use of the changes? Drop us a line below or at, and we can figure out a way to chat.  Looking for more information on the other functionality that was released as part of the 105.2 update to OAC?  Stay tuned to this blog for additional updates.

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