Important Design Considerations When Moving from Oracle Essbase On-Premise to Oracle Analytics Cloud

We have witnessed a steady stream of commentary on the promise of what Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), otherwise known as Essbase, BI Cloud Service, and Data Visualization (DV) in the cloud, would do when it is released, as well as where to buy a subscription. Now that OAC is generally available as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering, we decided to take it through its paces and see what it can really do for those of you who own Essbase on-premise:

  1. Hybrid BSO is enabled. Hybrid BSO brings the most-loved functionality of ASO to BSO cubes, and in OAC is turned on by default. This means reduced calculation overhead and greatly reduced disk space usage (= reduced subscription cost!) for most solutions out there, and those that can be built.

  2. Implied Sharing went away. This feature has been painful for Essbase development veterans. While initially implemented with good intentions, it has caused more trouble than it has helped. It has often been a trap to avoid with careful design practices. In OAC, all stored members in Essbase will hold data, so this issue is resolved!

  3. Dedicated Lifecycle Management (Essbase LCM Utility) works. The tool to extract Essbase cubes from on-premise installations works with (and later) versions of Essbase…and it works beautifully, with no changes needed to existing cubes except one (included in the next point here).

  4. All cubes are Unicode only. While Essbase has had Unicode capabilities forever, due to several reasons folks have preferred to stay non-Unicode. Well, no more. The Unicode version of Essbase has matured enough that it is the only option now. So, when migrating cubes to OAC using the Essbase LCM Utility, first convert them to Unicode. Otherwise, they will need to be rebuilt using other means, such as Application Workbooks.

While there are a few more technical differences between the on-premise and cloud versions of Essbase, they are mainly details, and do not necessarily impact the overall solution as much as the points above. Stay tuned for more details on how Essbase works in OAC, or send us a note at if you want more details on how OAC could work for you.

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