Oracle Data Visualization Desktop (DVD) 4 New Features

In late October 2017, Oracle released updates to Data Visualization Desktop (DVD), Version or “DVD 4,” a desktop solution that allows end users to build data visualizations without relying on their IT departments for assistance.  The latest version adds several capabilities to the existing product which require modified installation, including a new home page; new data connector types; machine learning (ML) capabilities to make predictions and intelligent suggestions; data flow enhancements; data source editor changes; and updates to projects and visualizations including map backgrounds.


The installation of DVD 4 is very simple. The software is available on Oracle TechNetwork, in the Middleware section here.  Extract the installer from the zip file.  Double click the installer file “DVDesktop-,” choose the “Installation” folder, and click “Install”.

Once the installation is finished, notice the message on the final screen.  It notes that Advanced Analytics needs to be installed to provide the correct version of R and related packages.  Advanced Analytics can be installed by navigating to “Start > Programs > Oracle > Install Advanced Analytics.”

Optionally, install R and DVML.  Selecting and running “Advanced Analytics” installs R.  The install for R is much easier than in the past.  Select the defaults to complete the R installation.

DVML is the Machine Language scripting tool (Python).  If you plan to build machine learning scripts, install this component.  DVML can be installed by navigating to “Start > Programs > Oracle > Install DVML.”

To avoid possible install issues, install DVML to a directory path that does not contain any spaces:

Home Page

The new home page allows personalization and some helpful information for getting started with DVD. Click on the icon in the top left-hand side of the page to open the menu and to start a project or to prepare the data.

The home page menu provides access to the “Console.”  The Console allows plug-ins import and viewing:

Data Connectors

New data connectors are now available for Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud (AWDC), Oracle Big Data Cloud Service and Oracle Talent Management Cloud. These new connectors; enhancements to the CSV data connector; the June enhancements to add ODBC, JDNC, OData and Oracle Docs; and the capability to source from Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) subject areas and Oracle Fusion Applications with Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence mean that we now have a very wide range of data sources to access via DVD.

I wanted to mention one important pointer for the CSV data source. When uploading CSV and text files, you can override the auto-detected delimiter. Your choices are: “Comma, Semicolon, Space, Tab, and Custom.” You can also select “Custom,” and specify other delimiters.


Box plot, horizontal box plot, and waterfall visualizations were first introduce