Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service (EPRCS) 101

As organizations face more complex internal and external reporting requirements.  It is no longer sufficient to just provide the “numbers;” organizations need the ability to provide narrative in order to support and explain financial results.  Companies require a framework whereby they can collaborate across multiple sources and locations.  Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service (EPRCS) provides a solution.

EPRCS provides three steps in the report creation process: “Author,” “Review,” and “Sign-Off.” Work flow (with start and end dates) and security can be assigned to each step.

Content is created in the “Author” step.  EPRCS utilizes “doclets” to create content. 

Doclets are individual components of a report that can be assigned to multiple contributors.  Security can be assigned to the doclet so that only the necessary individuals can access it.  Only one author can sign out a doclet at time.  When a doclet is signed in, a new version is created.  Doclets are then grouped together to create a “Report Package.”

The “Review” step allows users to review and edit the content of a report package.

In the “Sign-Off” step, users can approve and publish the report package or they can request edits.  Once the report package is approved, no additional edits can be made.

EPRCS contains a library where all artifacts of the application are stored.

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