Oracle EPM (Hyperion) On-Premises Support Roadmap: Implications for Your Move to the Cloud

With the Oracle’s constant messaging of “cloud, cloud, cloud,” the option of remaining on-premises can easily become lost in the process. The future undoubtedly will continue to feature heavy usage of cloud-based solutions across the technology sector, but for many it remains a few years away. This may be especially true where the pricing model does not allow for cost savings.

When deciding specifically for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) (Hyperion), owners should examine their current environment and where it fits into the Oracle on-premises roadmap. Even without an upgrade to the cloud, you will need to establish a short-term plan i to remain in a fully-supported version.

Oracle’s current timeline provides the following support:

EPM Version

Support for Severity 1 service requests ended March 2018. If an EPM environment is still on, it should be upgraded as soon as possible to remain fully supported.

EPM Version

Premiere support (includes fixes, third-party certification updates, and enhancements) for Oracle’s most current version of will remain in effect until December 2020. Following the conclusion of premiere support, extended support can be purchased for an additional year of more limited support, ending December 2021. Once extended support has concluded, sustaining support will be available for limited maintenance support.

If owners are attempting to remain in full support (premiere), this timeline means actions will need to be taken following December 2020 to either upgrade further on-premises or go to Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services (EPBCS).

Note: For additional details on the types of support offered by Oracle, go here.

EPM Version 11.2

Oracle’s Version 11.2 release is planned for early 2019, and will be the final major upgrade on-premises. This upgrade will see many of the currently PBCS-only features moved to on-premises as well. Along with some new and exciting features, premiere support will be available until 2030.

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, staying on-premises is still a choice that will continue to be fully supported until 2030 with some conditions. If you make this decision, you will continue to miss out on the constant product enhancements available in the EPM cloud solution. This also can be as expensive of an option as the cloud solution, because you will incur further costs such as hardware and software upgrades and patches for both the EPM applications and the associated third-party components (e.g., Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases).

To determine the best path forward, owners should figure out the costs both from a short-term and long-term perspective, as well as comparing the difference in functionality between the two offerings.

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