PBCS 18.07 – Update Disables Import of “Essbase Data” via Migration

If you are currently using the “Artifact Snapshot” as a backup mechanism for your Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) or Oracle Enterprise Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS) environment, please take note. With the July (18.07) patch that rolled out last weekend, we can no longer import the “Essbase Data” artifacts via the ‘Migration’ screens. The option is greyed out.

We have verified this to be the case even with Snapshots generated and removed from the environment before the patch was released. With this option missing, customers will have to perform Data Exports, either via the Data Export job, or a business rule,  to backup their data in case a recovery is needed. However, this can be a long-running process that will significantly impact maintenance windows of customers today. Also, we have experienced issues when trying to export entire ASO cubes using the Data Export functionality – we usually run into the QUERYRESULTLIMIT constraint and have to break up the export into multiple pieces.

We also advise opening a case with Oracle – if sufficient customers raise a concern, Oracle will either stop the patch from going into Production, or provide a way out as soon as one can be provided.

UPDATE: July, 16. 2018: We have heard from the “grapevine” that Oracle is going to be making an update to the Test environments to roll back this change that was made, early this week. This news is protected by Oracle’s “Safe Harbor”, so assume nothing until you hear the official announcement. This change to the backup process was part of a bigger effort to improve the life of the administrator of PBCS environments. So expect to see it again in the not-so-distant future, incorporated in a process that is complete, and something that will be advantageous to use.

As usual, we recommend that customers read the details of the upcoming patches. Oracle puts out the notices at least a week before they are rolled out, and we try our best to determine the impact that they will have. If you have questions regarding how upcoming updates will impact your environment, feel free to drop us a note at

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