Renaming Presentation Tables in OBIEE 12c

Today I was working in an Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 12c RPD (Version, the on-premise Oracle BI solution) and I dragged my table from the logical level to the presentation level.  I wanted to rename the table, but the name in the property sheet was locked.

The solution is to set a property in the “Tools > Option > General” tab.

Let’s walk through the solution:

My logical table object is: “Fact_PC_Reconciliation_Extension” and I want the presentation table object name to be: “Fact – PC Reconciliation Report.”

If I go to the presentation layer and right-click my table, I then can select “Properties” from the menu:

The property sheet has the “Name” value greyed out and it cannot be edited:

To fix this, click “Tools > Options” and then in the “General” tab, check “Edit presentation names” and click “OK:”

Reopen the menu for the table by right clicking on “Presentation Table name”:

Notice that we now have two new menu options: “Rename Wizard” and “Rename.”  Open “Properties:”

The value for “Name” is now unlocked and we can rename the “Presentation Table.”

After renaming:

I hope this blog might save some others some time when working in the RPD.

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