Three Useful Oracle Power Pack Extensions for Smart View

Oracle offers a wide variety of Power Pack Extensions that make using Oracle Smart View for Office (Smart View) easier and much more efficient. These extensions enhance the user’s experience and day-to-day tasks in Smart View.

Oracle offers ten different extensions; the three I’ve recently found most useful include:

  1. Quick Options Extension. Allows a user to view and change common options without having to launch the “Options” dialog.

  2. Grid Themes Extension. Permits users to apply formatting to grids they are developing while performing operations like “Zoom” and “Pivot.”

  3. Member Search Extension. Users can search on Essbase members in an outline without needing to open the “Member Selector” dialog. When a desired member is found, the user can now paste this member into an Excel sheet.

All of these extensions have to be downloaded from the Oracle website, and you need an Oracle account in order to download them.

How to Use the Quick Options Extension

Once Power Pack is downloaded, go into the “Smart View” tab, then click “Panel” and a panel should appear on the right-hand side. Next, click the drop down arrow to the right of the “Home” icon. Finally, click on “Quick Options” (highlighted with the red arrow in the image below).

In the screenshot below, the members highlighted in green have no data.  The goal is to change all of the members that have “#MISSING” for data to “zeros” as data.  To try this yourself, under “Missing Label,” write “0” instead of “#Missing,” and hit the “Refresh” button.

After hitting the “Refresh” button, all of the members that had “#Missing,” now have zeros for their values.  Some other options include suppressing data, formatting, zooming, and indention.

How to Use the Grid Themes Extension

First, you’ll need to pull the desired data into the Excel spreadsheet.  Go to the “Shared Connections” pane and click on “Grid Themes” as demonstrated in the image below.

The pane shown below will appear.  Highlighted in purple, the “Enable Themes” capability must be checked off to add this content onto the spreadsheet.  Then, click on any theme of your liking (I chose “Executive Blue,” which is highlighted in the red box in the image below).

The screen shot below shows the finished product.  Theme selections are saved with the Excel workbook, so if you send a workbook to another user (as long as they have this extension installed), the same theme will appear for them.

How to Use the Member Search Extension

Once you’re in Smart View, go to the “Smart View” tab and click “Panel.” A panel should appear on the right-hand side like in the screen shot below.  Next, click the drop down arrow, to the right of the “Home” icon and click on “Member Search.”

After clicking on “Member Search,” a new pane appears. You’ll then be able to search through all dimension types. In this example, I searched for “Revenue” in the “Accounts” dimension and all accounts with “Revenue” in the name appeared. Through this search, I found “AC_Revenue,” which is boxed in green. Next, I clicked on the “Paste” icon that is boxed in red.

Once you click on the “Paste” icon, then the desired account is placed into the Excel spreadsheet. The box that is highlighted in the Excel spreadsheet is where the account will be pasted.

We hope these three Oracle Power Pack extensions will make your time in Smart View a bit more efficient!  Still have questions?  Contact us at or leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with our thoughts.

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