What is Oracle’s Fusion Analytics Warehouse (FAW)?

Oracle has recently changed the name of its analytics offering that complements their ERP and HCM cloud SaaS offerings. Fusion Analytics Warehouse (FAW) provides a pre-built Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) and Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) environment that is available to perform management level analytics reporting off ERP/HCM environments. FAW will provide end users the ability to do analytical deep dives into a data warehouse that is sourced from the transactional Oracle cloud offerings.

Fusion Analytics provides a pre-built data model that will get users access to their data. The great part about the pre-built data model is that it also comes with the ability to customize and extend, which is necessary for most lines of business. Another key piece to the puzzle that FAW provides is the ability to use built in Machine Learning and AI functionality to do predictive/advanced analytics. Currently FAW is available for Financial and Human Resources, and the plan is to continue on to both Supply Chain and Customer Experience in the future.

Figure 1 – Example of Oracle Analytics for Fusion ERP (Oracle Data Sheet)

While Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) is provided with your HCM and ERP implementations, there are a handful of differences as to where FAW becomes a very useful tool. OTBI is effective for running real-time and operational reports on live data. FAW provides the ability to do self-service analytics that go beyond those operational reports. You can create new KPI’s, advanced analytics, and also use multiple data sources in your reporting. FAW provides 50+ out of the box KPI’s and also 8 different pre-built dashboards.

Figure 2 –Illustrates how FAW is different from OTBI (Oracle Presentation)

Overall, FAW will lead the way for in-depth analytics but it also frees your IT department from having to do any ETL or data modeling. There is a packaged data extraction and loading pipeline from your ERP/HCM environment that transmits data into the included Autonomous Data Warehouse which your pre-built data model is built on top of. Although customizations are almost always a sure thing, this provides a useful starting point and an easy way to get immediate value from the FAW environment.

Figure 3 – Illustrates Data Management and Governance Components for Oracle Analytics for Fusion ERP (Oracle Data Sheet)

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