Who Deleted Reporting and Analysis in Oracle EPM (Hyperion) Shared Services?

The “who” is really not important here, but how you’re going to recover your application is important! Let’s assume a user in your Oracle EPM (Hyperion) environment inadvertently deleted the “Reporting and Analysis” application defined under the “Reporting and Analysis” project in Shared Services. How are you going to recover now? While deleting such an application is not straightforward and would need to be performed in at least a couple of “bad” clicks, we all know that such blunders can happen.

This issue has two possible solutions.  One is to roll back the environment to its proper working state. This requires a full backup of the application server’s file system and databases. The other approach is to reconfigure “Reporting and Analysis” using the EPM Configurator. We’re going to discuss the second approach here.

This fix has been tested in Oracle EPM (Hyperion) Version (for and lower versions refer to Doc ID 1319929.1). Here’s how to restore your deleted application:

  1. Log in to “Shared Services”

  2. Under “Application Groups à Foundation à Deployment Metadata,” go to “Shared Services Registry à RA à System Task Conf – raframework à Properties”

  3. Right click on “Properties” and “Export” to edit

  1. Save the file to your local drive and edit using a text editor

  2. Change all “Configured” to “Pending” and save the file

File Example: Before

File Example: After

  1. In “Shared Services,” right-click on “Shared Services Registry à RA à System Task Conf – raframework à Properties,” and select “Import” after “Edit”

  2. Select the file you just updated and import it

  3. Stop all EPM services

  4. Next, run “” and you will see that “Configure Database” and “Configure Financial Reporting RMI Ports” options under “Reporting and Analysis” have changed to “Pending State”

  1. Go through the configuration process as usual only for the “Reporting and Analysis” components

  2. Start “EPM Services” and you should be able to see “Reporting and Analysis” components show up on your next login to “Workspace”

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